Commercial Damp Proofing in Guildford, Cobham and the Nearby Areas

Damp can have severe consequences for your business or other commercial premises, so it is important to prevent damp and address any signs of it straight away. Problems with damp can put business operations on hold, make workplaces unhealthy and unsafe, and have a negative effect on professional image. Consequently, it is best to avoid damp issues altogether by making sure your property is damp proof and carrying out regular checks and maintenance. However, if you do notice signs of damp, you don’t need to worry because Downs Property Care Ltd provides professional solutions to all damp issues in Cobham, Guildford and surrounds. As a damp proof specialist, we offer commercial damp proofing as well as repairs and remedial work to solve damp and condensation issues.

Whether you need damp proofing for an office, retail unit, school or other commercial property, we offer complete, tailored solutions to prevent damp and the expensive damage it can cause.

The Importance of Commercial Damp Proofing

If damp was to affect your property and go untreated, it could cause serious damage to timber and erode nails, screws and iron fittings. This will affect the structural integrity of your property, posing a health and safety risk to employees, visitors and anyone else using the building. Furthermore, damp makes spaces uncomfortable and can cause black mould, which is a major health concern.

Depending on the extent of damp and the damage caused, fixing it could have a significant impact on your business because you may have to close your property while we resolve the issue. However, ensuring your building in Guildford or Cobham is properly damp proof will minimise the risk of damp, giving you one less thing to worry about. Luckily, the damp proof specialists at Downs Property Care find the ideal solution for your property, whether you’ve already noticed signs of damp or are taking a preventative measure.

Remember, we also provide domestic damp proofing, giving you expert solutions for your home as well as your commercial premises.

Commercial Damp Proofing Services

Our team will thoroughly inspect your property to determine the cause of damp and the most appropriate solution for your property. We carry out damp surveys and data logger monitoring for highly reliable results, allowing us to provide the most effective treatments, such as damp-proof courses, damp-proof membranes, internal waterproofing and damp-proof paint.

damp wall

Whichever option we recommend for your property in Guildford, Cobham or the surrounding areas, we create an effective and durable barrier which will prevent moisture penetration and damage. As a damp proof specialist, Downs Property Care Ltd also offers renovation and remedial works to fix damage caused by damp or to resolve issues that cause damp.

This includes:

  • Repointing

  • Screeding

  • Structural Repairs

  • Wall Tie Replacement

  • Plastering and Rendering

  • Painting and Decorating

We also undertake cavity wall insulation removal as well as installation, should you require.

For more information or to arrange a no-obligation quote for commercial damp proofing in Guildford, Cobham or the nearby areas, call 01252 507913 or 07837 370213.

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