Damp Proofing and Structural Alterations in Guildford | How Our Damp Proof Specialists Identify Issues and Necessary Work

At Downs Property Care Ltd, we understand how important it is to resolve any issues with your property as quickly as possible. That’s why we provide a quick and accurate diagnosis for your home or commercial building in Guildford. This allows us to start fixing any problems straight away, so you don’t have to keep worrying about the safety of your property or what damage is happening. As damp proof specialists, we undertake comprehensive inspections and damp surveys before advising on suitable remedial works, such as domestic or commercial damp proofing, wall tie replacements or wall repairs. We also provide structural alterations as well as thermal imaging and insulation services.

To give you the most efficient and reliable solutions to damp related issues and remedial works, we provide the following services. Please read our reviews to see why we come so highly recommended.

Damp Surveys

A damp survey is a thorough investigation of your property which we undertake using specialist equipment. The survey we take of your property in Guildford, Ash or the surrounding areas will identify if you have damp, where it is and what type of damp it is, enabling us to advise on appropriate treatment, including commercial damp proofing as well as domestic services.

Our damp proof specialists will investigate your main areas of concern as well as the wider property, making sure we don’t miss anything. We also look at any previous remedial works or structural alterations to see if they have had a negative impact, such as improper wall tie replacements allowing moisture into the property.

For a small house, a damp survey takes around 3 hours, but we will advise on estimated timeframes for your Guildford property. Once the survey is complete, we recommend the best solution and provide a fair, no-obligation quote. As well as offering a range of domestic and commercial damp proofing treatments, Downs Property Care undertakes various remedial works to solve any issues caused by or contributing to damp, including:

  • Wall Tie Replacements

  • Wall Repairs and Repointing

  • Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

  • Structural Alterations and Renovations

Thermal Imaging Surveys

As well as being damp proof specialists we are also experts in property insulation and maintenance. If a building lets out a lot of heat, it is less energy efficient and more expensive to heat. You may also notice uncomfortable or chilly spots inside your property. However, thermal imaging technology allows us to quickly and accurately identify areas where heat is escaping, including holes in insulation, with minimal disruption.

Our thermal imaging surveys include a full report and explanations of our findings, allowing domestic and commercial customers in Guildford to effectively resolve any issues. Downs Property Care can even provide some remedial work ourselves, such as wall repairs, loft insulation and external wall insulation.

For reliable identification of damp and heat loss issues in Guildford, as well as specialist structural alterations and remedial services, call 01252 507913 or 07837 370213.


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