Cavity Wall Tie Replacement in Cobham and Guildford for Homes and Commercial Properties

Wall ties are a vital structural and safety aspect or cavity walls, but many properties suffer from wall tie corrosion or failure. In these cases, it is important to carry out suitable remedial work to maintain the stability and safety of cavity walls. At Downs Property Care Ltd, we carry out wall tie replacement for domestic and commercial properties in the Guildford, Cobham and Farnborough areas, ensuring the structural integrity of your walls and preventing further issues such as water ingress and damp. Whether your issue is corrosion of wall ties or insufficient ties used in original construction, we provide efficient and reliable solutions.

As well as replacing wall ties, we undertake associated remedial work, including structural repairs and renovations.

Downs Property Care is proud to be a member of the Wall Tie Installers Federation (WTIF), upholding their strict code of practice. Our membership also allows us to offer a 25-year insurance backed warranty, for your complete peace of mind.

Take a look at our previous work to see what we can achieve for your property.

What are Wall Ties?

Wall ties, also called brick ties, are metal strips or bars that tie the inner and outer parts of cavity walls together. They are an essential part of cavity wall construction, helping improve stability and protect properties from the elements.

Case Study 1:


On this job we removed the render and rotten timbers, rebuilt the wall, added new wall ties and render then added new oak timbers.

windowwall ties 2wall ties 3wall tieswall ties 5
housewall ties 1

Case Study 2:


This job involved render removal and cavity wall insulation removal. We then added new wall tiles, cavity trays and cavity wall insulation and re-rendered with an anti-crack mesh.

wallties 11
wall ties 10vacuumwall ties 9
wall ties 12

Assessing Wall Tie Failure

Most homes and commercial properties in Farnborough, Cobham and Guildford will require replacement wall ties at some point. This can either be because builders didn’t use enough wall ties during construction or because over time, corrosion has caused wall ties to fail. It can be hard to tell if you need wall tie replacement, but Downs Property Care uses specialist equipment to assess the condition of your walls and diagnose any potential issues.

If not caught early, wall tie failure causes visible damage, such as:

  • Horizontal Cracks in Outer Walls

  • Cracks in Rendering

  • Internal Cracks

  • Bulging or Bowing Walls or Brickwork

If you think your wall ties have failed, you must get a professional inspection before the issue escalates. Our team is on hand to provide a thorough inspection along with expert advice and services to remedy the problem.

Wall Tie Replacement

With over 100 years’ combined experience, our team delivers efficient, high-quality wall tie solutions. Once we have assessed the issue with your property, we carry out suitable remedial work which involves identifying the position of existing ties and installing wall tie replacements at staggered points from the originals and at the appropriate density. We also treat the old ties to prevent further damage.

Downs Property Care also offers additional remedial work for customers in Guildford, Cobham, Farnborough and the surrounding areas, helping return properties to an overall good state of repair. These services include lateral restraints, lintels, brickwork repointing, structural repairs and full renovation works, such as plastering, painting and decorating.

For professional wall tie replacement in Guildford, Cobham and the nearby areas, please call Downs Property Care Ltd on 01252 507913 or 07837 370213.

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